Monday 23 October 2017

#290 Five London food blog writers

I'd been browsing around for some other local blogs to read lately. My search was still in its infancy but I'd discovered five new contenders in the food category, thanks to Helen over at Food Stories, which I was already following. They all had suitably cute names so I checked them out.

Ed Smith
Rocket & Squash
This guy's a pro. Not only is he a trained chef but he draws little doodles of the restaurants. How cool is that? His eating out section hasn't been updated in a while but there's enough there to keep most restaurant goers busy for a few months. His writing's honest with plenty of attention to detail.

Lizzie Mabbott
Hollow Legs
Lizzie writes monthly. More or less. Whenever and wherever she finds food interesting enough to blog about, she'll whip up a substantial post complete with plenty of pictures. Her posts have a homemade feel to them and when she travels, she'll write a bit about the trip as well as the food, which adds context.

Chris Pople
Cheese and Biscuits
I was impressed to find Cheese and Biscuits as the first Google search result for cheese and biscuits. Then again the blog's weekly and has been going since 2007, so Chris has had plenty of time to get his act together. Blimey, 37k Twitter followers. This guy has been critiquing food for a long time so his page is adorned with awards and contacts. The writing? He colours within the lines of professionalism and makes intelligent observations.

Zeren Wilson
Bitten & Written
If you enjoy exploring, this blog's for you. You'd need a map and compass just to find all the posts, which are strewn about the front page like clothes in a teenager's bedroom. The guy knows his drinks well enough to make some comments about them. His boisterous tone keeps things readable. I have no idea how often he updates the blog because the layout is so bad.

I found this other little treat linked in a comment on one of the above blogs:

The Purley Girly
Rebecca's blog is smart and tidy, which makes it easier to digest than some others. It's frequently updated and each month she puts together a collection of her favourite posts from around the web; a sobering reminder of just how many other blogs there are out there. Rebecca's holds its own among them. Not sure what her last name is.


Unknown said...

I love a good food blog! always makes me hungry.

Profound Familiarity said...

:) cheers Rob

Fizzfan said...

I’ve just had an email from Trip Adviser telling me the results are in and The Black Swan in Oldstead is the best restaurant in THE WORLD!
Has to be said, I checked out their prices and do quite fancy trying to persuade a friend to have a weekend in York just to try it out.
At the same time I was laughing thinking - IN THE WORLD!?

Chances are I’d enjoy a mouthwatering steak or burger from somewhere far closer and far less expensive.
Something to chew on though. Would be nice to say I’ve eaten somewhere that’s the best IN THE .....! blah blah

Like these blogs though. They really know their stuff and I like the ‘real’ comments.

Profound Familiarity said...

The Black Swan huh?

Yeah they should put that on a T-shirt.

If I had to imagine the best restaurant in the world, it would have fountains and beautiful artwork on the walls. The seats would have silk cushions. The tables would be made of solid marble. The waiters would be fifty year old thin French men in tuxedos with black mustaches and impeccable courtesy. The waitresses would wear frilly dresses. There would be a fat person outside to greet guests and offer them canopes they'd never had before. Large koy carp would swim down a stream that ran through the foyer, as a string quartet seronaded the exotic birds, which circled around banana trees.

The food would be good too. Steak made from cows who attended spa breaks and had their fur combed, drank mineral water and ate luxury grass. Chickens who roamed protected hills freely by day and at night slept in little sheds with blankets and mood lighting.

Fizzfan said...

OMG I’m in love with your restaurant and laughing too much about your dreams of animal care before you eat them! Blankets n mood lighting for chickens. It’s just too perfect:))

Mind you if had to imagine my own paradise to eat in I’d have everyone dressed in Renaissance clothes and hunky waiters with long gypsy like hair would bow and lead you to your table and pop your wine bottle with a sword. There would be hundreds of candles and twinkly Moroccan lanterns and cushions made of velvet with lots of sparkly beads.
There’d be a parrot with Tourette’s squawking inappropriate comments every now and then, and a very old waitress who was a bit deaf would mess everyone’s order up so we all ended up with a surprise meal.
Friendly bunnies would wander through to nibble on your veg and an opera singer would make me cry. There’d be huge bed like sofas to lounge on at the end of the meal and a fantastic magician like David Blane would blow everyone’s mind.
Cocktails would be on tap and a magic carpet would fly me n my chums home at the end of the night that would of course be starlit with swirls of the Northern Lights.

I definitely think there’s a gap in the market!