Saturday 27 August 2016

#163 Two things

There are two things that I must do every night before I go to sleep. The first is to message some people online, to connect with them. The second is to write in my diary, to connect with myself.

If I haven't done these two things at the end of the evening, I'll stay awake until I've done them and won't get enough sleep.

I write down messages to other people and thoughts to myself during the daytime. I practically need to do it at the end of the day too.

Our need for connection is universal. If an infant is deprived of human contact for lng enough, its health will deteriorate and it may eventually die, even if it's fed and watered. We might say, it needs to be loved.

Can an organisation love? Can a computer? I like to think it's possible. Yet there's something about the care that passes from human to human that's as yet irreducible. Undetectable.

Maybe it's because we're so alike. When we're cared for by each other, we're reinforced by ourselves.

There are two things I must do every night before I sleep. It's because I'm alive. Life reinforces itself.


Jonathan Bandit Copping said...

You and Seals reinforce me - partly I guess because I played a part in your creation

Running on empty said...

I too have to contact people before I sleep and first thing in the morning, but it is because they are across the world in different time zones. I'm in Australia.