Sunday 20 March 2016

#145 Amexit

No dates this weekend. No dates. It's not unusual. I did feel in the mood for meeting someone new though. I made do with messaging some people instead. On the plus side, Marc and I get to meet up to a dozen girls over the course of the next few weeks, while we look to fill the Katie-shaped gap that'll be opening up on the second floor, in the haunted room.

I'm not saying that I'd date somebody that I live with but I won't be living with most of the applicants will I? Besides, despite not saying it a moment ago, I totally would date someone I lived with, if I liked them enough.

The departure of a housemate, if they're leaving on good terms, can be a chance for last requests. Katie knew that it meant we'd have to go through the process of replacing her, so she was quite apologetic about it. Bless her. I told her it was fine, as long as she told me how she made her chips.

My impression of Katie is that she is a bit of a "foodie". My understanding of the word "foodie" is that it's someone who gives above-average attention to the quality or variety of the things that they eat. I don't know if she'd be comfortable with that label but she's moving out so hakuna matata.

Katie told us to listen carefully and then she outlined her six stage process. I've made them four times so far.

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