Tuesday 15 March 2016

#144 James Beckingham

There's a guy on the train whose job is hard to explain, you'd have to Google his name and you really should.

He's known as a teaser and he makes the journey easier when he tells all these jokes that no other man would.

He's refined and he's kind, the network doesn't mind. Though, some of his announcements are misunderstood.

But if you heard the rumour about his use of humour, you'll know that he's good, a bit cheesy but good.

His accent is meticulous, his updates are ridiculous, he won't circulate the train, just stays in one place. But once you know he's witty and something of a genius you'll wish that you could meet with him face to face to face.

Backwards facing forwards, forwards facing backwards. Whichever way you travel be sure to listen in. He's comically disclosing to watch out, the doors are closing or that you should put your litter in the nearest waste bin.

Has anyone got any Veras?

A Great Philospher once wrote...

Ahaahahahaa. Wikiiiid.

This geezer could be the best announcer we've ever seen. Know what I mean? He created a vibe.

He brightens up the ride as if by design. The carriage ignites like it's comin' alive.

I've often missed my stop, while I'm hanging around to hear his sound, he's not around so I get mellow.
Then smooth just to prove that my evening can improve, he bursts onto the Tannoy with a sunny "Hello!"

Something like a national treasure, he makes jokes to bring you pleasure while reminding you to pick up all the things you could lose.

Extraordinary fellow, like Rubens Barrichello. Remember that our railway staff should never be abused.

If this guy's around when you're heading to the town, you can recognise him from his individual sound.

We're nearly at the station. Make sure you've got your shopping. It's time to mind the step between the train and the ground.

Got any Salmon? Sorted.

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