Thursday 21 January 2016

#138 Vice

I got greeted by a street walker earlier this week. I didn't really think there were any in this city. I mean, have you ever seen one?

She waved at me first, smiling and then called "hey baby". I waved back but carried on up the road. I'm not always so courteous to strangers, especially when they try and sell me something.

Red lights in windows aren't particularly hard to find if you know where to look. Red sites on Windows Internet Explorer are more accessible and more legal. Red tights standing on corners? It's not as warm or as safe. I wonder what the rate would've been.

My parents don't own smartphones. There are banks that still use fax machines. Wimpy still exists. In a fictitious sort of way, a part of me found it quite quaint to be touted by a whore on the way from the barber's to the tube station.

We might be reassured by what the world's oldest profession has in common with the world's most overpaid profession. Past a certain age, most of them will be naturally be moving on to other careers.

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Jonathan Bandit Copping said...

Great Blog Dan - I still ride a Triumph motorbike and listen to an old hi-fi system. I think though I've left it to late to go on game.... (Unless it's squash)