Sunday 26 April 2015

#106 Imperfect perfection

Waiters in the waiting line, tripping on their toes
Secretaries so divine, underneath their clothes
Ain't no f****** party like we're throwing in this s***
******s sell your pension funds, cash in on this s***
Teachers with their ABCs, dosey f****** do
Nurses and the doctors all want some f****** more
Players and the *****s and the ******s Plc
Getting f****** burned when they try to burn me
Inspiration elevates, thirty fourth floor
Cash in on your s*** if you want some f****** more
Nominate the bar and we'll drink the f****** tab
Leave your dirty bra in the back seat of the cab
Inspiration elevates, thirty fourth floor
This is every week and there's plenty f****** more

1 comment

Running on empty said...

Can't figure out what this is. A casino, a swingers party, a self development seminar?