Sunday 19 April 2015

#105 Ten small things

I don't know whether the ego generally does strengthen us. I wonder if it can. Everything can be seen from a cynical viewpoint and one of the main challenges in life is deciding what to question, from the real benefit of the two lie-ins that you had last weekend to the real benefit of the extra two sets of tennis that you played last night, after which you felt ill, realised that your ankle was twisted and wondered whether the decision to go on playing had been a sensible one.

You may question the wellbeing of a person who feels the need to make a blog post of some pointless things that they think they're good at. You might question it with pity or resentment or believe that you are somehow wiser than the author because you don't just realise but truly understand and embody the awareness that such a post would amount to nothing more than a glaringly ungrateful and embarrassingly lazy perspective on life. This post is not for you. Though I may believe it is for me, it is not either. 

Words and ideas, like viruses, have a life of their own. They spread from person to person. Sometimes they are met by the strength of opposing forces and perish. At other times, they find weakness or a home in their host and there thrive. Some thoughts need to be heard. Some don't. These ones might be. What follows is a list of ten small things that I believe I may do well.

Eat whilst walking
Read scruffy handwriting
Scale a fence
Record my life on paper
Drink fast
Staring contests
Recover stuck snacks from vending machines
Run down staircases
Spot differences between two images
Finding the compost in someone else's bullshit

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Running on empty said...

This eye for detail is useful when describing characters in novels. Good post.