Sunday 29 March 2015

#103 Lazy weekend

Morning, how was your weekend and what did you do?
Oh you spent it in Prague, that's so nice, good for you
Yes you went to a restaurant and tried some nice fish
What about mine you say? Oh you know, nothing swish

Well it near enough started at six forty three
printing Aliya's slides out, up near IMT
after which, I got packed up and walked to the door
looking out for the mice that live under the floor

I went straight to that chip shop that does kebabs too
The kebabs aren't as nice but there's never a queue
and the portions are massive, which suits me just right
I was happy as Larry for the rest of the night

The next day I got up at a quarter to one
cause a really big lie-in is awfully fun
then I wandered around to the caf for some grub
and then later I went for a beer in the pub

In the evening I walked to that hill with a view
You'll know which one I mean, if I ever took you
I looked out at the world and I saw it anew
Rested eyes work much better than eyes tired and blue

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Running on empty said...

They say Prague is a good place to visit, and economical too.