Sunday 22 February 2015

#99 An applicably ending

This one might have the odd mistake in it and it might not. A train isn't an easy place to write a blog post. Not in twelve minutes anyway. Nobody said that writing a weekly blog was gong to be easy though.

I've read a couple of other people's blogs lately but you knw what? I just don't like them. I don't like reading blogs. I' sure that I could find one that I liked if I really tried but for me personally, most of them try too hard to use long words.

I know some long words.


Oh wait, excommunication.

The thing is though, that's not how people talk. Ok people might say excommunicate if they were talking about the occasional buggering bishop but how often does that actually... ok maybe it was a bad example.

Speaking of long words, this week an old uni acquaintance posted that whoever was in charge of education in the UK was silly because one of the spellings Year 5s have to learn is 'applicably', that she had rarely had to use that word herself and whether anyone could even think of a sentence with it in.

At first I replied to say given that whoever is in charge of education wasn't actually teaching year 5, I hoped that the teachers themselves when carrying out their roles could find a way to react to their discontent applicably.

Then I thought about it a bit more and wrote that that there would always be a gap between what was studied academically and what was used in the world of work. I explained that it represented the broad-mindedness of mankind's approach to learning and education and reflected the beauty and depth of our language and the world we lived in. I admitted though that it could probably be a pain in the ass too, which I think was my friend's point. She decided not to teach the word. After all, they could hardly sack her for it. They probably wouldn't even notice.

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Several lols in this one, lollol.