Sunday 8 February 2015

#97 It's cold outside

I loved watching Ice Road Truckers. I'd only seen it a few times but it brought back vivid memories of that trip I'd taken to Toronto back in September 2010, where I spent an afternoon just lying on the hotel room bed alone, watching Ice Road Truckers. Or was it Deadliest Catch?

Watching Ice Road Truckers was about more than just semi-gripping daytime television. It was something that I did when I had time to relax. Time that wasn't earmarked for work or seeing friends or doing laundry.

One of the truckers had a pretty cool hoodie. I'd given away a couple of hoodies lately as they were getting worn. Two out of my three remaining ones probably should have followed them but this guy's was all new and fluffy and was clearly keeping him warm in the snowy conditions. His outer layer of blubber probably helped too. 

The climate in South London wasn't exactly tropical either. Six degrees. I wandered over  to the thermostat and turned it up from zero to fifteen, relishing the fact that in about an hour's time, the house wouldn't be quite as cold. I must remember to try and dress more like a trucker. 

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Running on empty said...

I don't mind those kinds of shows, as I love learning about other people's jobs.