Saturday 22 November 2014

#90 End of the road

"Liz, Tom" asked Marc, "if you go out of the house, which direction would you head in to get to the top of the road?"

"Left", answered Liz "because that's where house number one is". 

"It's also where the highest number is" said Marc "but surely if it was just the lowest number, it would be the bottom of the road?"

"Then we'd be saying that the road begins with us" reasoned Liz "and that is a bit arrogant". 

She thought for a moment. "Although if you're climbing a mountain, you start from the bottom and end up at the top".

Marc checked a definition and announced that in the English language, the bottom of something could be the farthest part of it from the observer.

Liz showed some agreement with this but explained that she had thought that the Left end was the top for seven months now and so it was pretty much fixed that way in her brain.

Naino chipped in to say that the top end was where the road met a main road.

Liz seemed to like this idea. "There's more going on at that end of the road" she said. "The other end is a bit rubbish and is not entrancey".

There you have it. Not entrancey.

After work, I sometimes find up to eighty unread Whatsapp messages on themes from how men should get out of the shower to euphemisms that might pass acceptable commentary when playing chess.

Not entrancey.

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