Saturday 8 November 2014

#89 The dropping of pins

Sasha glanced across the glass bar at the motionless penguin. It was a slow night. Shifting around to face the stage, she brought the black straw up to her mouth and sucked until it gurgled. Some of the other girls were chatting, clustered in their usual cliques. If there'd been a clock in the place, she'd've been aware of the pause in between every single tick.

The thought of her flat mate pushing pasties around in Greggs made her smile although she also realised that she could murder one right now. There were six hours to go. Maybe she could get a snack in her break. With a slowness that she'd learned to the point that it was now unconscious, she got up off of the stool, adjusted her attire slightly and sauntered across to the cloakroom.

"Are you pissed yet?" joked Alexandru. "Maybe because I just saw talking gorilla" she shot back, with no change of expression. "What?" He scoffed, "Ruta, who you think spends more time in the gym, Sasha or me?" The girl smiled but didn't say anything. "Who you think spends more time?" he repeated. "I'm not saying anything" she replied and then quickly changed her mind "You work out to impress Ivana" she stated. A grin spread across the man's face. He didn't reply.

Satisfied with this brief amusement, Sasha walked gracefully back to the bar, adjusted her hair, sat back down on the stool and ordered another vodka lemonade.

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