Saturday 11 October 2014

#85 Tiger Tiger

It wasn't that I'd intentionally lied to my friends. I'd worked the tail off of a donkey this week and instead of spending time making small talk, I just wanted to go home, do some laundry and go to bed. Then it got to about 4pm, I changed my mind and wanted to go out alone.

Lately I prefer the tube to the train. It's warmer. I made my way north of the river and over to Picadilly. "Evening" said the bouncer outside Tiger Tiger. "Have you got friends inside?" I paused for a minute, tempted to ask how I could possibly know. "No, no" I replied with quasi innocent breeziness. He checked my ID and waved me in.

This was a pokey little place compared to its Portsmouth cousin. The tunes were good but I got bored and decided to see what Covent Garden had to offer instead.

As I started walking away from Tiger Tiger, I realised I had a stitch. I tried to walk it off but it just wouldn't go away. So I sat on a wall for a while to rest. A girl came over and talked to me about God for half an hour. Afterwards I still had a stitch and was feeling rather tired so decided to go home for food and sleep.

This wasn't quite the colourful night that I'd imagined. I wondered if I might try it again sometime.

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