Saturday 4 October 2014

#84 Nando's

"Third floor, walk in like you belong, get the lift just on the side of reception". It had been a while since I'd set foot in a university. We dress down in the office on Fridays. My backpack was corporate issue but it did the job. I came out of the lift and stared blankly for a moment at the members of the classroom opposite. A few looked back. Swallowing and putting my phone up to my mouth, I unsubtly looked at the room directions on the side wall before wandering off down the hall. Room 325. 

"Hey :)" said a familiar face. Her expression quickly changed. "It's never ending! I think I'll be here another hour". "It's ok" I replied, plonking myself down in a wheely chair. "Here, you can read if you want". She passed me The Writer's Book Of Hope by Ralph Keyes. I spent twenty minutes skim-reading it. It was ok. A pretty good crash summary of the challenges of writing and the qualities needed to meet them.

I was in a happy enough mood but carried inside a sadness, from a decision to let go of something earlier in the week. Something beautiful. I'd been holding onto it but had felt uncomfortable and uncertain. I didn't even really know why. I just...

Maybe this extra extra hot sauce would help. We'd decided on Nando's as the Marquis of Cornwallis was completely packed. I poured the bottle over some meat and a few chips and let the fiery chilli dance around the inside of my mouth for as long as I dared. We ate until we were both completly stuffed. Before leaving, I went up for a refill of Coke Zero. I mean why not? It was Friday night after all.

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