Sunday 5 January 2014

#53 NY

"Four fingers" insisted Rich. I'd had about eight lots of four already. Groaning, I polished off the third can of Guinness since we'd started playing less than an hour ago. I guess being the dealer in the drinking game "f*** the dealer" made me the life and soul of this party so far. Not for long.

It was an improvement on the drinking game that we made up last year, "Rich gives you a shot and you drink it" but after an hour of playing cards with the guys on the ironing board, we decided to get more inclusive. Naino had prepared several rounds of "pass the parcel" which involved wearing a pair of pink and zebra stripe knickers that she'd picked up in Primark earlier that day, singing Amy Winehouse karaoke and drinking the Werther's Original vodka that she'd made by putting a pack in the bottle and running it through the dishwasher.

Lisha emerged from the cat's room with a savoury look on her face. When she'd gone in there to put a bottle in the recycling bin, I don't think she expected to see Rob and Amy in quite the sort of position that they'd assumed. A few minutes earlier, after Naino had lost her phone for the second time, someone had found it and decided to pass it around for people to take some creative photos.

By the end of the night, everything had pretty much sorted itself out. We'd watched the fireworks even though it was pouring with rain, Lisha had put Naino to bed and with a couple of people pitching in, we'd managed to tidy up the kitchen and dining room, perhaps waking up the neighbours by vacumming at 2am.

you can read more about Naino's night here.

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