Sunday 7 April 2013

#12 Predictions

Every once in a while I take a look at the Wikipedia entry for fusion power, just to check that we really do have to wait until at least 2050 for this technology to develop. By this time, we will have already taken further steps towards solving the world's energy problems. Two tiny examples are the increased pedestrianisation of inner city areas and the further phases of Boris' bike scheme, which will be extended to other locations around the UK, with even more of those really annoying designated cycle lanes.

I think that some more immersive forms of entertainment will be developed during the next twenty to thirty years. 3D TV hasn't really taken off to the point where everyone sits around in their glasses but it's still being worked on in the background. Similarly, gamers will notice the arrival of virtual reality sets like the Oculus Rift and holograms will appear increasingly, at least in public. If none of these technologies really make it big, what we might see is more of a separation of the consumer base. It's a bit like when Nintendo Wii came out and some people that were thinking about getting a real games console decided instead to sit around developing their already over-developed wrist actions in front of some bright pretty colours, shortly followed by some other people that were thinking about getting some real exercise and some parents that were thinking about taking their families bowling in the real world.

I'm quite excited about the upcoming developments that will come from an increased focus on happiness. I'm not really basing this on anything but just for instance, I can't imagine that all of the shelves of all of the supermarkets will still be completely square in thirty years' time. What a boring way to shop. I'm not talking major changes here at all, I just mean that there will be more cornered walls and rounded edges, perhaps more use of natural light or environmentally-friendly lighting around products. Ok so I'm not that excited. The self-operated check-outs will naturally work way better than they do now. Angry bosses will also be a thing of the past. Business cultures will shift further towards an emphasis on making a company a nice place to work. 

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