Monday 11 March 2013

#8 Let's go for a joyride

Not long after starting this blog, I realised that I couldn't write about the things I really wanted to write about, the things that people would really find interesting... in case anyone read it.

This week's post is dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto videogame series. I recently brought the PS2 back from my parents' loft and dusted it off. Rich picked it up and I grabbed the controller a couple of times myself. Ever since the first top-down version graced our screens back in 1997, it has been a hugely successful game and recent titles continue to explode onto the market every few years.

Credited with bringing American street violence and car crime into the living rooms of millions of homes, the 18-rated (most of us were about ten when we picked up our first copy) masterpiece with a fully-loaded original soundtrack has evolved through time with increasingly cinematic video sequences, story lines and character development. The latest version, GTA 5 looks absolutely stunning and is clearly a jump up from its predecessors.

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