Sunday 24 March 2013

#10 A holiday

I asked my house mate what I should write about this week. She said "a holiday". I thought "this could be a challenge". I thought "that's not a bad idea though". I like a challenge. It's important to enjoy a challenge. Especially the little ones. The big ones are harder to enjoy.

It's been a while since I had a holiday. We've got Easter coming up though, a big public holiday. You don't have to go anywhere. I thought "what do I want to do?". The default answer seemed to be "nothing". It's a peculiar habit that I've gotten myself into recently, wanting to do nothing. Doing nothing has always been a passion of mine and after years of practise, lately I seem to have gotten awfully good at it. It's actually quite hard though, the art of doing nothing. Nobody achieves it perfectly. At best, we find ourselves doing very little. I'll probably make some doughnuts, probably go for a run, probably do some housework, probably socialise. They're all things. I think the best way of putting it would be that I like to do nothing remarkably significant. I do wonder though, if there's something significant that I could do this weekend. Perhaps instead, I could find something significant, plan something significant, come up with something significant. A significant trip, a significant event, a significant new daily habit.

Time off is important though, to properly relax. It's so important that the company I work for made it compulsory. They don't mind what you do on holiday. Whether you keep fit and healthy, see your friends, see your family, experience new cultures, study a new field, work on your garden, your finances, spend time with your kids. They won't ask you to do any of these things. All they ask is that you take five weeks of holiday a year. Just make sure you take enough time off, they say, because it's important.

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