Monday 19 March 2018

#477 Wheeeeeton!!!

Looking at writers' blogs felt futile. Surely they'd save their best for print. I was desperate though in case that wasn't clear from yesterday's Arseblog post. Desperate to find a blog I actually wanted to read.

Blatherings was interesting. Just because its author, Debbie, had been writing it since 1997. That was insane. You could literally go back and find posts she'd written about Furbees. Furbees. That was twenty years ago, man. This thing was like a time capsule. She updated it properly too, there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of posts. Insane.

I also loved Will Wheaton's Exile blog which had wangled its way onto a list of writer's blogs just like he wangled his way onto Big Bang Theory. Clearly no-one could resist his irresistible irresistibleness. I was fairly sure it was the real him. I felt sad that he hadn't updated it, then I realised what an exile blog was. His real blog was at Will Wheaton dot net. OK. I still had no idea what the exile blog was but I was relieved to have found the main one.

In some ways, Will's blog was exactly what I was looking for. A regularly updated personal blog that didn't have a clear theme and showed a flawed side to its author. The flawed side was important. Not because it was unusual. Everyone had flaws but with some people they were more visible and Will's screamed at you the instant you laid eyes on his site. It was put together in such an overtly crappy way that if he wasn't a celebrity, no-one ever would have followed him.

But they did follow him. He had dozens of comments on every post and after skimming through a couple of the posts, I could see why. Will's blog was real. He wrote it to convey real thoughts he was having. It wasn't shiny. It wasn't dull. It wasn't informative. It was just... him. Will Wheaton. Writing about his experiences. The ones he felt brave enough to write about in public.

I knew I'd find a blog like that eventually. I never thought it would be written by a celebrity.

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