Tuesday 13 March 2018

#471 Cat's blog

The morning after coming across Adam Townsend's blog, I woke at six-thirty, having had an early night the day before. I decided to waste no time in carrying on with the search for autobiographical blogs. I grabbed the laptop.

I decided to check the Facebook group again to see if anyone else had replied but before doing so, a post from Cat Darsley caught my eye. I met Cat in my first year at Durham. My friend Ruth had found her somehow and the pair got along well enough to hang out. In other words, they were friends.

Cat always had a smile on her face and a playful wit about her which made being in her company not just pleasant but perfectly effortless, apart from occasionally having to figure out whether she was joking or not. A keen rower, Cat would get up in the dead of night and train for hours on the river long before her lectures. Whereas I considered getting up before lunch the benchmark of a productive day so we didn't see each other much.

For the last four years, Cat had been taking a one second video clip of her life every day and she had just uploaded to the fourth year onto Youtube. Upon taking a look, it occurred to me that her video blog technically met some of my criteria. It was autobiographical. It didn't have a strong theme and she even updated it every day.

I hadn't expected that a vlog would feature in my search for more autobiographical blogs and I wasn't sure if Cat thought of her project as a vlog but I wanted to share it. I wondered if she knew anyone else who was documenting their life every day.


Fizzfan said...

Hah! Norwich gets in there a few times. She has very good taste.

Profound Familiarity said...

She does a lot
and a lot
of what she does
is in Norwich