Sunday 20 November 2016

#175 The other law of attraction

It seems possible that I'm attracted to opinionated, outspoken people. Not exclusively but they often get the messages. The follow-ups. The attention. They capture my attention. Or I capture theirs, or both. It might not be because they like me more than they like people who are more similar to themselves in that way. It might just be because they have something to learn from me. People love to learn things now and then.

I was going to write the second half of that paragraph the other way around. It might not be because I like them more... but then I realised that it was equally applicable that they might not like me more than an opinionated, self-assured sort of person. Me, the reserved, polite and tactful one. Choosing to focus my attention on them. To learn how to represent myself better. How to assert myself.

It might be a genetic thing. Perhaps my DNA is lacking something that extroverted types have and vice versa. We'd argue and frustrate each other and create misunderstanding after misunderstanding, all because a part of us, a part that we're not even necessarily aware of, wanted to produce offspring with delightfully balanced attributes.

I'm aware of it though. At least, I'm aware of the possibility. It might simply be that most people are more outspoken than me and so when I take an interest in someone, unless they're particularly introverted, there's necessarily a contrast in personalities. I certainly find that with height. What if it's true? Are these people good for me or bad for me? What does it mean? What should I do?

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Running on empty said...

There is no right answer, I think. Learning to be assertive is very important though.