Thursday 10 November 2016

#171 Pure Evil

Up comes the sun. Swipe through bitterness, taking the views in one by one. Holding my tongue. They seem so shocked, like the rest of the world has some how done them all wrong. Playing along. Making a joke, withholding my anger so that I can belong. Silence is strong. There's enough negativity out there, I don't want to be the one who's mindlessly egging them on.

A choice has been made. It might not be yours so don't take it from those that earned the right to have their say. This is not your day. So don't ruin it for the ones who came together and got their own way. It's tough but hey, if you're not in pain or sick, is there a need to express so much dismay? You're in your own way now. Watch your step or you'll trip over your educated shoes. True winners tend not to sulk so much after they lose.

What if I were to say that it's all a big lie? That the world isn't run by a man in a tie. It revolves around things that come out of your mouth and it goes out of whack when the comments turn south. I know you don't like him. I know that you care but the sooner you go back to taking photos of your lunch or your hair... instead of fuelling the media machine that put him there. This one's ok, it's creative, I'm not slagging anyone off. Oh ok, you saw through it, fair enough. Another level of garbage. I could swim in this all day, come take a seat. I don't plan on stopping typing any time soon.

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Running on empty said...

How do you feel about him some months into his reign?