Sunday 18 January 2015

#94 Noah's Ark

Walking over to the window sill, I dropped into the pile of tacks the dozen or so that I'd just removed from the floorboards with my grandad's old pliars. Some his tools had 'BBC' stamped on the back. Bermondsey Borough Council. I don't think he got given them as a retirement present.

Dad's new house needed a lot of work so I took the train down there to pitch in. The electrician had been there all week and had stuck around over the weekend too. Interesting guy. He told us about his old jobs, family, work, clients. I'm not much of a people person myself. Did a lot of nodding and smiling.

It was hard to believe the lack of sense and care of the house's previous owners. Everything was dodgy. The wiring, the plumbing, the units. Everything would need replacing. For lunch we ate beef stew made by my Dad's girlfriend. Evidently they were back together. Again.

It was cold everywhere this weekend. Inside and out. I was tired from working hard all week and from a date the night before. At around 4pm, I took a replacement bus to the station and a train to Peckham. I walked back to Dulwich, went through my to do list, ironed a shirt, chatted to a friend online and then went to sleep.