Saturday 25 October 2014

#87 Ok fine, bring it.

Lately I've been giving a lot of thought to stepping up my indulgence in a particular area of socially unacceptable behaviour. The increases in self-awareness and confidence that comes with age are only gifts in strong hands. Unfortunately for all of us, not all pairs of hands are the right ones. Who knows though, maybe I'll get lucky.

In other news this week, I got tasked with a bit more responsibility at work. Actually I asked for it. It's necessarily a good thing. There's little benefit of looking over one's shoulder during a run. This isn't a run though. It's a fucking rat race.

Speaking of races, our dear new housemate (who was already our mate) took Liz and I out to the new Peckham Rye Parkrun at eight thirty this morning. Why is it lately that everyone's dragging me out for runs? It was awesome though. I mean, the second lap was pure hardship but it was awesome if that makes any sense. It will to some. While I ran, I thought about a girl over whom briefly I'd held an umbrella last month. So what if that's the happy place that my mind went to? It was a nice image. 

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