Sunday 19 October 2014

#86 There's nothing quite like a 10k

I wasn't sure how I felt about McDonald's using their children's charity to sell burgers. On one hand, it might encourage people to give. On the other, maybe there was something inhumane about the link between suffering kids and a conscienceless fast food business. 

Jamie Oliver might agree that McDonald's contribution to the global epidemic of dietry related diseases grossly overshadowed any positive impact of its charity campaign. In short, you'd be better off not going there in the first place. Unless of course, you're ordering carrot sticks... or a fruit bag... milk, water, tea, coffee, orange juice... or you're just going in there to use the facilities although you really should buy something if you're going to do that.

It's 9:05am on a Sunday and I'm on a train to Orpington to run 10k because this is how my dad most wanted to celebrate his 59th birthday. I was out last night checking out this new bar in Peckham, where some bunch of farmer lookalikes have got in some old American arcade machines and craft ales. Hauling my ass onto the replacement bus to London Bridge at eight thirty this mornig was less fun although McDonald's at London Bridge was open so at least I've had breakfast.

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Jonathan Bandit Copping said...

I'm the "dad", had a great race and enjoyed catching up with (well in this case, beating) my lovely son.