Saturday 26 April 2014

#68 Nearer the river

The light coming in through the blinds showed that the sun was setting over another day in Rotherhithe. It was Saturday evening and I lay sprawled on the sofa, playing with the phone and drinking beer, while my new friend bustled about in the kitchen making dinner. We chatted a bit while she cooked and it was just nice. It reminded me of the great conversations that we'd had during our first few dates the week before.

Leaving the flat for a while to go food shopping had been a good idea and I loved the smell of the garlic and herb mixture thrown over the chicken that we were about to devour. I'd missed a few meals during the week and a hell of a lot of sleep. For a moment, I started thinking about home. How the new housemates were getting along, whether the cat had been fed.

Dance music blared out from the speakers as the girl of good taste shovelled chicken and salad onto the plates. After eating, we cracked open the two bars of chocolate we'd picked out. Hers with strawberry yoghurt, mine full of hazelnuts. She had some more baking to do before the evening was out but assured me she'd be done by around ten or eleven. I lay back on the sofa, got out the phone and started writing as I watched her knead the dough. One more night here wouldn't hurt.