Friday 18 April 2014

#67 Easter weekend

I wouldn't normally kill a mosquito. It sat there, inverted, on the ceiling, next to me in the shower, perving quietly. It was early season and I really didn't want it to bite me as I washed myself. Looking around for something to use, my eyes passed over the narrow shampoo bottles and the fragile mirror, stopping on the pack of disposable razors. Poised for a couple of seconds, I darted my arm upwards, fast, smashing the pack against the ceiling. One of the razors passed through the plastic, cutting me slightly.

Our conversations had diminished lately and I was in a sad mood. Back upstairs, I flicked the stereo up to a high volume and threw open the window, staring outside towards the clouds. My spirits gently lifted just a little bit as I let the music pour over me, standing there drying and looking to the horizon. 

Forgive me for the stuff I've done wrong. Don't let me over-think every aspect of the rest of my life and let the sun shine warm and brightly this summer for a change. I lay on the bed, thinking and writing until the feedback between the phone and the stereo flared up again, creating a siren-like sound. It was time to get up.

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Running on empty said...

Don't overthink.....write.....