Monday 10 March 2014

#62 Maple maple maplelicious

"I got milk. You got the eggs, right?" I asked Naino after work. I knew she had eggs. Despite wondering which side of the use by date they were hovering around, I was pretty excited. It's not often that we eat as a house and it's not often that British people eat pancakes. Rich was home, Barbs was on her way and Naino CBA to go to badminton that night, so we were all set. In fact she'd already made the mixture.

It wasn't long before I was scraping a piece of half-cooked batter off of the hob. "If you're going to toss it, you've got to go all in. You learn these things" she said. "Did you learn it when you messed up the first one?" I asked. We were doing ok though and had plenty of batter. I took some video while Rich elegantly flipped his perfectly golden creation. I think he'd achieved it by reducing the heat slightly, as he'd sagely suggested earlier on.

In the interest of diversity, I stirred some cocoa into the mix and threw in some broken up 70% but it tasted pretty bitter until the syrup was added. The extra fluffy self-raising flour and baking soda types were next. I'd be tempted to add more of the stuff but apparently you can OD on it. Keira was sat at her place, in front of an empty plate, wearing her usual innocent and vacant expression.

For the next four days, I made a couple of pancakes each night. 

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