Saturday 1 March 2014

#61 Friday night

"Dan dan?! What r u up to tonight?" My housemate must have really been thirsty. She hates Facebook and hardly ever uses it to message people. It turned out that she was in the middle of getting her hair styled and wanted to show it off on Lordship Lane. I was at home ironing shirts and had just started shaking my ass to some tunes but fortunately she had a while to go yet.

"What r u doing? Can I join? I need food" chimed in Naino. I'd forgotten that Barbs and I had been using a group conversation. "Meet in Adventure and go from there" she replied. "Can't get food in there" replied Naino, followed by "I need to be in bed by 9:30 so actually going to go home instead". Problem solved. I jogged out into the rain, across the high street and found my housemate propping up the bar. "What do you want?" She asked. "A beer" I said. "What type?" "Any beer" I answered. She sighed and started walking over to a table. "Just get two Peronis". I waited while one of the dozen student backpacker turned novice bartender types started making some girl's drink. 

It's ok to be meticulous in making cocktails when you're also really bloody fast at it but this guy had just got out of diapers and was no Tom Cruise. Adam is Tom Cruise. We all know this. That is, we that know my friend Adam from school. He looks just like Tom Cruise. Anyway, despite the late drinks, Barbs was particularly happy tonight. Not just because she was off to Tanzania in three weeks' time. The bar had also gotten rid of the cocktail menus that she'd found offensive and about which she'd written an email complaining. I had also never been that keen on the idea of cocktail menus printed on the inside of a VHS cassette case, which also contained a cassette entitled Star Whores, partly because retro was too easy a style choice for a place like that and partly because I doubted that the videos were actually the ones that they said that they were.

We had a couple of beers, got approached as usual by some drink weirdo and came home to find Naino dancing around in her underwear, several hours past her intended bedtime, trying on outfits for tomorrow night. We gave our expert verdicts on the various tops and shoes while Barbra's pizza cooked just about enough for her to ... ok gotta go

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