Saturday 5 October 2013

#41 Just some stuff that rhymes

If we could only find out how to shake
We'd move so very freely when we wake
Then automatically find the way
Adventurously through life every day

The catalyst to kick-start all this jazz
Lies deep within, we've for a long time had
I'd take you every place this city has
The good places, the medium and bad

Together lay contently in the sun
Our bodies simply soaking up the fun
and later cosy contemplate the peace
in ourselves having found perfect release

Nirvana spotlight music darkened gaze
So happy now and music in the haze
You purr so soft as I play with your hair
Without a problem, both without a care

To find refreshment energy and light
To move so swift and effortlessly fight
For dreams and soul and everything besides
Such fortune floating 'tward us on the tides

1 comment

Running on empty said...

Lovely. I'd remove the "both" from the fifth last line.