Sunday 20 October 2013

#43 EQ & G

"This is Dan" said Alison to the group of women at the table. I'd cautiously wandered up and placed myself next to my colleague, whose routine introduction was met with the kind of brush-off acknowledgement that you often get in these networking situations. I'd seen the invite to the EQ seminar a couple of weeks back and figured it wasn't a bad way to spend a Tuesday lunchtime. So what if the audience was 96% female? I wanted to hear how the speaker, a small Jamaican woman, had made it on to the NHS board and what she had to say about getting along with the people you work with. 

The talk was pretty good, some simple concepts and some common sense tips. The importance of getting to know someone better if your relationship with them isn't good. The importance of, if a person is uncomfortable with the way that a meeting is being handled, having the courage to say so. Yes, you'd have to make a judgement about whether and when it was appropriate to speak up but the lesson hopefully inspired the right audience members to realise that perhaps they could be a bit more ballsy at times, despite their gender.

Later this week, I found myself in a town called Grantham. It's about half way up the country, not far from Nottingham and apparently a town called Boston (I didn't know we had a Boston). Anyway, so there's this curry place, that makes a curry so hot that the people that eat it frequently end up in hospital. Apparently it'll give its consumers red sores on the outside of their stomachs as well as a load of other symptoms like extreme pain. After doing some research I found that this occasionally happens at chilli contests and one or two other curry houses around the country, where the punters are asked to sign legal disclaimers before dining. This somehow doesn't put them off.



Running on empty said...

Did you eat the curry?

Profound Familiarity said...

I did not.

Profound Familiarity said...

This is one of my earlier posts :) Can you see how I didn't know how to finish it? I just wrote 'Fin.' at the end.

At some point, I decided to start ending my posts properly. I'm, not sure exactly when but it's one of the few things I've "learned" or got better at throughout the blogging process.