Sunday 9 June 2013

#21 A "guessed" post

Room's tidy, shirts ironed, kitchen and cat's room clean, lounge deep cleaned, cleanest since moving in. Ate fruit. Ate veg. Ran 5k. Drank water. Read. Worked. Listened to music. 

The next bit of this post is courtesy of Dan's housemate, hi blog readers.  I think he ran out of things to say this week. I tried to write a blog once too, and did four posts before I stopped because I realised a) I had nothing interesting to say and b) no one would read it.  According to the blog stats, my readership was mainly from Russia.

So this afternoon we discussed the following things: 2001: A Space Odyssey, poetry, holidays, what we each got up to on the weekend, and somehow this led onto me asking Dan if he felt like he needed to control things.  The reason I say this is because everything in his life is spotlessly clean - he showers once a day (or twice if he's had his run) (edit to add that some people don't shower once a day, which is gross, so it's good Dan does), he washes his clothes when they're dirty, his room is clean and organised, when he (occasionally) cleans the house, he's the best cleaner ever, and everything gets lined up all neatly in a row.  You can always tell when Dan has cleaned.  

I like this about him, and it got me thinking why I can't be more controlling of my surroundings. The reason is, because I don't care enough about it - it bugs me when things get messy, but I don't care enough to actually not make it messy in the first place.  Eventually I will get annoyed by the mess and clean it up, but usually after a couple of weeks of mess (I am thinking of my bedroom here, not communal areas).  He says that he isn't controlling and doesn't even think about it, it's more about force of habit that he puts stuff back in it's rightful place once he's finished with it. But isn't this itself controlling your surroundings? Who knows. I don't even know what I am talking about anymore. I can't believe Dan has given me free reign on his blog. I mean I could say anything! I could disclose all of his secrets! I could ruin his online reputation! Fortunately for young Daniel, I don't know any of his secrets.  Apart from the fact he wears Y Fronts. OK I made that up.  Also going back to my original point,  I guess a controlling person wouldn't leave their blog in the hands of someone else, so maybe he's right. 

Anyway I think this blog needs a pic to brighten it up.  I will leave you with this.


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