Saturday 29 June 2013

#24 Really wild

Do you like animals? Good. Now let me tell you about Zoo Lates. Every Friday in June and July, London Zoo opens at night. There's beer, burgers, monkeys, penguins, tigers, pah thai, churros and hoards of tipsy twenty somethings dressed up as animals. It's like Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. I think my favourite animals were the gorillas and giraffes but the meercats and otters were also cool. A lot of people were doing the Aleksandr Orlov voice and the otters were quite aggressive when they got fed.

South of the river has its own wildlife too. The Exotic Meat Company at Borough is stocking a few different types of burgers including zebra, horse, crocodile, ostrich, camel, water buffalo and kudu. I wonder what a BBQ with zebra burgers would be like. 

On Thursday, Battersea Dogs Home decided to stop by our house twice asking for cash. I don't blame them. Apparently it costs £250k a week to run the place and they don't make a lot of profit. They were only speaking to people over 24 for some reason so my house mate told them she was younger but then they asked for her birth date, which she had to work out and in the end folded. Trying to solve the problem of homeless animals by rehousing them is like trying to fix a sinking boat by hauling buckets of water over the side but it's a noble pursuit.

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