Sunday 12 May 2013

#17 Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is one of the six people I follow on Twitter, the others being Wings For LifeLance ArmstrongTony RobbinsPwC and Charlie Sheen. I don't use Twitter very much.

An entrepreneur in the fields of wine and social media, what made me follow Gary was his persona. He's  loud, slightly self absorbed and like a lot of successful public speakers, talks in concepts much of the time rather than going in to technical detail. This makes a lot of his speeches accessible and entertaining, which is why I can sit and watch any of the thousand episodes of Wine Library TV despite not really being that interested in the drink. I don't mind people that are slightly into themselves. The people I don't like are the angry ones, the intolerant ones and the ones that don't make time to talk to you at all.

During the advent of Twitter and the explosion in YouTube's popularity, Gary grabbed hold of a webcam and started making a video blog about the wines that he tasted as part of his job as the owner-manager of a wine company. After months of doing this, he started to develop a large following and became known as a person that knew how to grow a business successfully online. He's written books about it.

That's probably enough on Gary Vaynerchuk. I wanted to put this in here too: Earlier today, my house mate Naomi was spreading pesto on pieces of bread. She said that she used to do it when she was younger and tell her brothers that she was eating mashed up grass.

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