Monday 6 May 2013

#16 Doughnuts

God, it's eight thirty on Sunday night and I'm tired. Can't believe I have to come up with this shit every week. Right, time for a blog update :)

This year, I decided to start making doughnuts. It was a logical step after perfecting the brownie recipe and whilst I don't expect to start selling these bad boys, perhaps I can highlight in a small way how important it is that Krispy Kreme must one day face competition and you know what? I hope it gets knocked off its over-glazed perch.

So what exactly is a doughnut? Well it turns out they have to be fried, so what I'm making isn't actually a doughnut at all. It's just a cake. Aw shoot. Maybe I should start frying them. Damn I really want a Sausage & Egg McMuffin on account of having just seen a Google picture of a doughnut that someone cut in half and put sausage, egg and cheese in the middle. There are also pics of people having done this with croissants, which is a lot more sensible.

So this weekend I ate three pizzas and two burgers and watched 29 episodes of The Office (U.S.).

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Jonathan Bandit Copping said...

Actually son it's Monday