Monday 1 April 2013

#11 Curry

Ok so there's a price war raging on Brick Lane right now. Maybe it's always been like that but twice in the past few months, different restaurants have offered starter, rice, naan, main and two beers for £10. The touts seemed pretty aggressive towards each other too and they'd approached us well before we'd  reached the street.

At first I wondered whether these guys were breaking even. Perhaps they were selling below cost at seven pm to avoid looking empty later in the night. The deal held out into the evening though and I suspect they still profited from it. After all, depending on location, you can pick up the same nosh from Just Eat at the same price including delivery, minus the beers. Split a supermarket multipack can of Carlsberg into two tiny glasses and you've just matched the Indians at their own game without leaving the house but then sometimes it's nice to go out to eat.

The Dhansak I had the following night at Spice Club (yeah ok, I know the first and second rules prohibit talking about it) back in Kent wasn't quite up to scratch, by which I mean too much tomato for me. That's just one dish though and the portions were better than those on Brick Lane, which in contrast may just have shoved a load of sugar into the mix. 

I'll say one last thing on curries: Why the bloody bastard bitch do these chaps feel the need to burn the bottom of the naan bread?


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