Friday 9 June 2017

#197 Getting the basics wrong

Razor blades are one of the biggest scams in the developed world. I have no idea how the market isn't more competitive. Are they difficult to make? Opting for the supermarkets' brands might be an option if they did anything more than slice my face up but it seems that after more than a decade of selling its own razors, Tesco hasn't quite got round to making one that will actually shave hairs.

Thank Gillette, the only razors a man can get that actually work. Except most of them cost more than the GDP of Bulgaria. The margins make any other business look daft to get into. When the supermarket recently ran out of Blue II's for the second week in a row, I wasn't annoyed. I just felt that sort of deep, unsettling nausea representing the accumulation of all my suspicion since I started to approach age thirty, that real life might in some ways be different than it looks on TV.

Then again, we've entered an age where even those being filmed can't be bothered to get it right. Politicians should be banned from making live TV appearances until they can do a decent job of it. It's embarrassing for all of us. Just have them write a script, get it checked three times and then let someone more attractive read it to the camera.

If our country's leaders do decide to appear on screen, they should be allowed to do so alongside several members of the rest of their team. Afterall, rarely in the private sector would a company send a single employee to pitch for the biggest deal it's ever done. Even in a panel debate, I see nothing wrong with bringing a colleague, or a well-organised stack of notes. They can write their policies and budgets on their forearms in biro for all I care.


Running on empty said...

Well I know what to get you for Christmas, Dan if I can get them through customs! It could be a close shave!
Have you tried lady razors? I find them pretty good!

Profound Familiarity said...

I'm sure they are very good. For the sake of the blog, I neglected to reveal that I picked up some Wilkinson Sword twin blades in the end, which are almost as good as Gillette although not quite. The shaving situation isn't quite dire enough to bring in the ladies' razors just yet.

Running on empty said...

Both those brands are available in Australia. Would be interesting to see where yours are made. Maybe the quality has gone down.

Fizzfan said...

Disappointment at our politicians as well as razor blades:)
Yes unfortunately you've arrived at the age when pretty much everything will start to become a bit of a "I Don't Believe It!"
Politicians? What are the chances of someone having the stage presence of Morgan Freeman and the ego and hide of a rhinoceroses to become one? I think Obama was pretty close but even he wasn't good enough.
People are fickle and the next best untried promise will always seem tempting.
I just listen to comedians like Frankie Boyle ripping politicians and life in general apart and get comfort from assuming that most people know it's all just kind of a scam and real life is a bit of a pale imitation.
I don't know why we applaud any number of people and gimmicks and brands and hollow promises and bullshit but it's probably because reality is just not very saleable.
Honesty doesn't sell. I really wish it did. We want easy solutions and to be lulled into convictions that just don't exist.
At least you now know through experience that nothing beats Gillette. Just buy loads when they've got them in stock and smile that you never have to look elsewhere. Until the next one that promises the earth that's a bit cheaper.........well you never know?.....