Sunday 17 April 2016

#148 Brighton

Waterproofs advisable. 
Don't forget to bring smart shoes. 
You're gonna be sharing a room tonight. 
We haven't decided whose.
Cause our Tommy's getting married. 
Two weeks Sunday so we hear. 
It'll give him a week to sweat out the vodka 
and another to work off the beer.
Now I don't know if you've been to Brighton
but I've heard that you'd best watch your back
There are blokes that might fancy a lad like yourself 
so stick close to Tom, John and Rob Mac
but of course if the worst is to happen 
and somebody gets set upon,
we'll break the sod's legs off like matches 
and post them back after we've gone.
Young Thomas is getting married.
In no more than a week or two.
His only delight is that none of tonight 
will ever get back to Sue.

Shackles of iron can change a man, 
which in Tom's case would be a shame 
but he's seems alright at thirty one 
and we hope he stays the same.
What's in store for our brave younger brother? 
Will he get rich, have kids or go mad? 
All we ask is he doesn't forget us. 
No chance after the night we'll have had.

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