Sunday 7 February 2016

#140 Imogen

Blog blog blog.
Bloggety bloggety bloggety bloggety blog.
Blog blog bl-blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog.

It's been sort of a quiet weekend. I say that every weekend of course. My life is fairly quiet. Usually. On Thursday I went to the dentist for the second time in a decade. This is not advisable, to go so long without going. My father tried it in the seventies and now his mouth is mostly metal towards the back. From what I can tell, toothpaste has improved so much since then that now it is fairly rare to need so many fillings.

I will be going more regularly in future. They might want to take one or two of my wisdom teeth. She said "let's talk about it when you come back" but I recognise a negotiation tactic when I see one. Probably charge me for it too. Can you imagine? If anything she should be paying me. A fairly common procedure from what I hear. I guess I don't need them anyway.

I watched a few Eckhart Tolle videos on Youtube this weekend. Never seen the guy before. I read his book but didn't know anything about him at the time. Bonkers by most people's standards. If everyone decided to go off and sit on park benches for years I hardly think it would improve global wellbeing. Seems like a nice chap though. I daresay he has some good points.

One thing I seem to experience differently from the spiritual brigade is that they tend to describe peacefulness as a state of awareness. When I'm feeling peaceful, I'd say I'm more tuned out. Switched off. Then again, I'm not a spiritual guru.

Or am I?

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