Sunday 4 October 2015

#124 Various goings-on

Lately I've been drawing thought maps with coins. I put a coin on a piece of paper, draw a circle around its edge and write a statement inside it. Then I do the same, about a centimetre next to the first one, with a connecting line in between the two. Then I draw another one and so on. It's quite a calming way of writing down thoughts that follow on from one another because it slows the mind down and crystallises a sequence of points into a story.

On Thursday, we had a staff day at work, where we talked about 'building relationships', a topic which people seem to prefer over 'networking', despite the similarity between the two. We also talked about the book Strengthsfinder 2.0, which was the subject of one of my earlier blog posts. It's a book about how to do more of what you're good at. How fitting for me to be reading it the year that my sister and brother in law got me a sign, which now sits in the middle of my bedroom, which reads "do more of what makes you happy". I had just taken it to mean that I should eat more bacon and had no idea that it could ever have any commercial application.

This morning, Marc, MattChris and I sat in the lounge and I helped them click for Glastonbury tickets. It was kind of fun. MattChris is Marc's friend whose original identity in name has undergone a rare phenomenon of being merged together with another name, to form one long name. I might try and interview him (them? it?) one day about the experience. 

If Naino goes to New Zealand, I will be mostly responsible for Keira.

Having recently shown improvement at work when it comes to prioritising and keeping people up to date, I'm falling short when it comes to critical thinking, specifically, multi-dimensional thinking. 

Marc got the festival tickets and then we had fun reading all the tweets from people who have been trying for years to get them and never manage it.

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