Wednesday 22 July 2015

#112 The tube

"Please carry a bottle of water when travelling". Boris Johnson believes in staying healthy and hydrated when you're out and about. I believe that somewhere there's a person so incompetent that they've passed out because he hasn't added "and occasionally drink some" to the message.

What would be more helpful, is a sign that says "The edge of the doors to this carriage are filthy and if you try to squeeze in at the last second and they shut on you, the grease will never come off your shirt".

At one point in my life, I used to take the central line across the city from East to West two or three times a week, usually carrying some unusual cargo but that's another story. If the carriage was quiet, it was possible to stand the whole way without needing to hold on to anything. I wonder what the wobbliest railway line in the world is.

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Running on empty said...

Where's that other story?