Monday 22 June 2015

#109 Hoarding.

The first was when upon a trip to Tesco Metro I discovered it there, a solitary New York cheesecake in it's sturdy glass dish. No more than two or three inches in width and just as deep. Into my basket it went and home for a sampling.

Earlier in the month I'd seen a twin pack of creme brulees advertised in the Coop but looking more closely, mere space on the shelf and other things from the lines on either side as had found their way onto it.

It wasn't long before I was back at the Tesco Metro for more cheesecake. The larger stores didn't have it so there I was. Spoon in pocket. On the way to find the dessert again.

The second was the pack of two chocolate souffles which were on offer in the Coop. More delicate and harder to make than a brownie, they needed placing in the oven and baked for just the right amoubt of time, then cooled. I had them both while reading a book and talking to Marc about them.

By now a small stack had formed. The glass containers shimmering out of the dishwasher. Like the crown jewels I piled them, up in a top cupboard. Up away from the confusion of the shared glasswear. Out of sight. In the dark. I kept them.

The third were the two creme brulees, which eventually came into stock and were good value compared to the souffles. I had to wait for Marc to finish cooking his shepherd's pie just to grill one for five minutes. Then back in the fridge for thirty. The other one didn't get its singeing and was scoffed out of the fridge.

My collection of ramakins was growing.

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Running on empty said...

Sounds like you like plain, traditional foods?