Sunday 27 July 2014

#78 Passing Go

Rolling over, I lifted the pair of black boxers off of the top of the alarm clock to reveal the unforgiving glow of the numbers 11:47. "That's actually not too bad" I thought to myself as I writhed back into my original position in the bed. Realising that this made me nauseous, I rolled again so that my head was lower and slightly over the edge of the bedside. With one arm reaching down, I pressed the phone and started swiping through the morning post. Couple of comments on last night's photos. 

By around 3pm I was feeling better and walked leisurely into town for a set 1 fry-up. That's the one with just one sausage, one egg, one rasher, some beans, a solitary little hash brown and some toast. It would be awesome if English cafes served American style hash browns. It was pretty much as hot as it had been yesterday. I grabbed a coconut juice on the way back to the house and searched around for some kind of ginger cake. Ended up settling for a Barney, the bear-shaped cake with chocolate in the middle.

I spent most of the rest of the day fiddling about with the Indian visa application, checking I had the documents, printing the forms, getting photo paper, printing the photo, measuring it, resizing it, printing it again, etc. Organising adventures is boring.

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