Sunday 23 March 2014

#64 Back to basics

Sunday was a day of rest. I figured I'd earned it too. I'd gotten plenty of work done during the week, plus all of the usual cleaning and ironing of the weekend. Lela and I had been getting along well and stayed up until around 3am chatting on the Friday night. The surprise party for Kev's 30th on Saturday was a lot of fun too. I'd bumped into another old friend on the train home. A kid, that I'd called Kicker on the first day of school on account of his shoes. The name stuck on the schoolbus for the next six years.

So on Sunday morning, I lounged around in bed for a while and watched Moneyball. It's a pretty good film. At least I thought so and it scored 94% on Rotten Tomatoes too.

None of this makes for cinematic blogging but the year is young. In the evening, I just made some pasta. There wasn't quite enough tomato sauce but after throwing in a load of garlic, olive oil, chilli and basil it was just about ok. In some ways cooking for one is a lot easier.

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