Sunday 17 November 2013

#47 Christmas shopping

I've decided to be a good house mate this morning by eating some biscuits. You see, the plastic lid of the McVitie's tub fits well over open tins of catfood, which we'd otherwise have to cover with clingfilm or foil. Plus it's washable. 

I recently started watching 24 again. I don't think you could call my recent viewing activity a binge but I've seen about five episodes this weekend. I'll concede if put under duress that the life of the fictional character Jack Bauer might be more interesting than this blog. 

I must have done my Christmas shopping, or at least part of it, on Oxford St for about the last five years. It's pretty busy now, even on 17 November but maybe it's just always busy. I think that's probably true. Unfortunately this year, the Michael Jackson impersonator wasn't out but I did get a look at that giant bubble thing over at Piccadilly. At the time, it looked pretty stupid because the bubble was massive but the amount of snow inside was so tiny that you could hardly see it. They were just setting it up though.

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Running on empty said...

Sounds like the giant Christmas star on Dr Who. I'd rather read your blog than have Jack Bauer's life, even though I remember 24 only very vaguely, don't think I watched a lot of it.