Sunday 27 October 2013

#44 The fellowship of the blue ring.

It's not often that I have a house guest. Suspended above the electric heater was a clean towel, rapidly drying from the warmth of the air below and the cool breeze flowing in through the open window. Keira was playing nice, as is her usual character although she has in the past shown signs of jealousy when there's another girl around.

It had to be here somewhere. She searched around the room, the table and through her bag. There was only one thing for it, we'd have to head back to the bar. I paused the movie and started to pull on my shoes. It was about a five minute walk back. We walked fast. "Excuse me, has anyone handed in a ring?" The waitress shook her head. I waited whilst she checked the toilets. The guys that were there earlier had finished up playing scrabble but the place was still reasonably busy.

Nothing. Naturally we also asked the person behind the bar. "Hold on, is this it?" she asked, brandishing the heirloom that made Kate Middleton's sapphire look like something that fell out of a cracker. Relieved, we thanked her and headed back out. The residents of East Dulwich are, I feel, a trustworthy bunch. The burglars that ransacked our house a few weeks after I moved in were obviously not from around here.

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Running on empty said...

Must be a bloomin big sapphire.