Monday 27 May 2013

#19 Some thoughts

The comprehension, rememberance and use of detail is what separates the accomplished from the wishful. Any of us can explain that the world was created in a large explosion but to explain in detail the calculations and theory behind this statement requires the acquisition of vast amounts of knowledge in the discipline of physics. The overwhelming desire to acquire such knowledge rests within the DNA, the fortunes, the life experience and the imaginations of the chosen few who elect to proceed down the path of discovery. Can the same be said of us? Consider again the level of detail in which you long to understand any area of life in which you have shown relative interest lately but know that your curiosity will not follow you down the dark, scary and most difficult path that leads to joy and prosperity without a big, strong, brave reason to walk beside it. The key to unlocking your curiosity is a peculiar shape but can be forged out of your natural desire to possess… anything, tangible or intangible. Positive and hopeful desire is an emotionally rewarding experience in itself and if wholesome in nature, should not be stifled by you or anybody else but let the fires of your wishes be stoked and fuelled so as to burn brightly in the night sky, which is otherwise dark and cold. Is not discontent a form of such hopeful desire? Is should be considered thus! Rejoice in the possessions and moments that you have yet to experience. No sooner will the fleeting glimpses of those destinations have passed through your mind, upon the accomplishment of your goals, than those of a much needed and enjoyed holiday. It is not just the discovery that the physicist enjoys but also the study of physics itself. The reward and accomplishment of dreams is shortly followed by an empty gap unless the next challenge is considered and lined up. This gap will last for as long as you permit it and for as long as you ponder it. Take the things for which you believe you will be most remembered and pursue them wholeheartedly. It was innovation and marketing that Peter Drucker said were the two characteristics of business. The product may be an idea rather than its physical counterpart. What’s true in business is often true in life. You have to come up with an idea and you have to market it, to yourself. Look at the London skyline. Are the heights of the buildings not as unpredictable and varied as the branches of a tree? Look at the tube map. Was the pattern of the network devised by any one individual? Do not worry too much about which path you will take or the circumstances that may befall you. Half of it is out of your hands. Enjoy the extent to which you can make the best of the rest of your time here.

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