Sunday 20 January 2013

#2 Fear

It feels scary to be approaching thirty. Not in a mindless way. In a more fundamental, biological way. It's quite a good fear to have. I can't just say "where has the time gone?" I keep a diary, I know exactly, to the day, where it all went. Accentuated by the recent developments and setbacks in the lives of my friends and family, changes in their relationships, health, careers, finances, social lives and leisurely pursuits, changes in my own focus and the likely possibility that in the years to come, corporate insolvency may not be the tap of hot and cold running employment possibilities to which the economy has so reliably given rise since I graduated. It admittedly continues to do so as I write this. Too bad for the High St but it's cold outside. If only Netflix had a larger film selection.

Speaking of the weather, the last hours of work on Friday were postponed, Laura's birthday was postponed, the trains were postponed, football on Monday is probably postponed, some people driving places are postponed, flights were postponed, meanwhile in Canada... but then they have snow all the time. Somewhere in Europe would probably be a better example.

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