Monday 2 October 2017

#269 Looking for decent London blogs to read

I'd started to look around for other blogs besides those of my friendship group. The pleasure of reading another person's painstakingly crafted thoughts on London life had become moreish but many of the sites I first came across had nothing but mundane, lengthy updates. Finding worthwhile blogs was going to take work.

An exception was Food Stories by Helen Graves. What most attracted me had been last month's recipe for crab lasagna. I'd never make it but loved the basic idea. The photo too was spot on. You could taste the briny, meaty Italian clump right off the page. I was envious but couldn't imagine taking photos for my own blog. Illustrations perhaps.

Another page caught my attention. I didn't keep the link but a guy had been taking an interest in the reconstruction of the underground's 1930s Q stock. To paint a picture, imagine a wood paneled carriage, equipped with low seats and high ceilings. Windows that open at the top and light shades that house open bulbs. You could journey to work while still feeling like you were sitting at home.

I was sitting at home. That was one of the great things about blogging. The ability to travel places without getting out of one's chair. I wanted more places to travel to though. Maybe gradually, I would carry on the search, creating a list of writers of the city. The ones I liked. To one day share right here. Or to message and chat with. What a prospect. Would I do it? Perhaps. It would take a while and was not a priority but I might. Over time. Not right now. It was Sunday afternoon and as usual I had writing of my own to complete.


Running on empty said...

I'm old enough to remember the long distance train carriages with the wood paneling, wire overhead luggage holders, and brass fold down basin in the tiny bathroom. I absolutely loved them . Miss them a lot when I'm in a plastic carriage.

Profound Familiarity said...

Similarly, don't you miss being able to get on and off a train while it was still moving? :)

Running on empty said...

Lol, no , I never did that.