Monday 20 March 2017

#185 A New Hope

Spring has come. After leaving my last job in December, three months have passed. I've finished editing my book and the time to start searching for work has arrived.

Contact with my ex-girlfriend was lost following the end of the two and a half month relationship. In her absence, I've found myself craving some isolation and have managed to spend the last two weeks without excessive contact with the outside world. It's been quite relaxing.

The US President and Brexit in the UK continue to dominate news headlines, suggesting that a role in either the media or a psychology-related field might be rewarding.

With a career change looking inevitable, I want to make the most of my transferrable experience. I feel like I need to do more writing. I want to. I think it's good for me.


Running on empty said...

Best wishes for your new direction, whatever it may be, keep us posted!

Profound Familiarity said...